Want Rich Peoples To Speak At Your Next Event?

My motto is to Entertain, Educate, & Execute. Whether I'm creating a course, teaching live online, or speaking in public, I make it my #1 priority to engage my audience. If they are not entertained and flipping through their phones instead of watching me speak, then they are not learning. That's not good for me, your event, and most importantly it's not good for them. In short... I bring the fu***** fire!

Here are a few notable stages I've burned down:

Traffic And Conversions Summit

Social Media Marketing World

Social Media Marketing Day

Fitness Business Summit

Internet Traffic Live

The G.E.N.E.I.U.S. Workshop

Thrive: Make Money Matter

War Room


Tec Talks

Epic Mastermind

A Few Of The Topics I Speak About:

How To Get Clients, Keep Clients & All The Processes In Between

Selling Your Product Or Service Using YouTube Ads

How To Start & Scale Your Social Media Marketing Agency

How To Create Ads That Sell

How To Sell Lots Of Anything With Webinars

Turn Clicks Into Customers On Facebook